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Original Star Wars character concept

Brunelle Caskeye is the High Council representative for the Zhenith Loc, a race that almost drove humans to extinction a few centuries ago. The Zenith Loc have a trading empire with a territory that covers a solar system and trading routes that span the entire universe. They're a part of the High council despite constant violations of the union's peace and trading treaties, their representative kept on the council only as a gesture of good faith as well as to keep a close eye on the threat their immense power and influence poses.

Senator Caskeye was sent as the representative not because of rank of political prowess but because she's excellent at reading people - the Zhenith Loc have no real interest in the political climate at large and Senator Caskeye's real purpose on the council is to read the other leaders and representatives to find weaknesses to exploit. The council's transparancy creates an excellent opportunity to collect intel and profit off the political chaos.